Introducing our NEW Bella light!


The Bella, designed by Dor Carmon, is a union between technical ability and soft elegance. The cast-aluminum body has smooth curved ribs and emits light from the top and bottom of the fixture. With a UGR rating under 19, the Bella uniquely embodies grace and power, making it a companion for a working environmen

Technical Details

Pendant luminaries
Up Down light

InputMax WLumen Output up
Lumen Output downCRIColor

Optional Dimmer: DALI

Aluminum, Polycarbonate


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Product Spec.

All the information you need to know about num Bella

3D Files:

3d, 3ds, stl, skp, xt, RVT
To place the BELLA in 3D modeling application


IES file, LDT file, and Photometric measurements files.

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