Cuboids Tile

Cuboids is the first tile launched by numlighting.

The design reflects an aesthetic tension between order and disorder. This is caused when geometrical bodies with mathematical laws and golden ratio dimensions are applied randomly onto a surface. The results are cuboids with a dynamic feel that appear to float in space.


Tile Configurations and Light Tones

numlighting Tile System brings a new dimension to light tiles.

The system is designed to be flexible in layout and easily assembled. Most importantly, you can create your own compositions, textures and patterns.  All you have to do is choose your preferred layout and rotate each tile to create your own distinct style that inspires your space.

Technical Details

Ceiling Wall Light

InputMax WLumen Output
CUBOIDS110-240v20W2000-220090 3000k /3500k /4000k

Optional Dimmer: DALI



Data Downloads

Product Spec.

All the information you need to know about num Cuboids

Assembly Instructions

Detailed instructions how assemble num Cuboids on your wall

User Instructions

Additional Information how to use, configure and changing tile’s compositions

Downloads for Architects and Designers

2D Files

To place the tiles on your Indesign or Autocad, download .dwg and.dxf files.

3D Files

To place the tiles on your 3D modeling application, download .3Ds, .dwg, .obj and .max, files.

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